In Caledonia Street, Paisley, there sits a wee hame,

The Alamo is the hostelry’s official name,

But wines an’ spirits isny the pub’s only game,

As you are about tae hear,

There’s much mair tae its reputation an’ fame,

Than serving pints o’ beer.


There’s punters who’ll pass by mony a pub,

For hunners o’ reasons……...maybe lookin’ fir grub?

Or if they’re a barassic……....they’ll be tappin’ a sub

Tae get them some liquid cheer,

But pop in The Alamo…………....aye, here’s the rub!

Ye’ll get a hielanman’s welcome in here!


The pub, in itsel’, frae the outside looks small,

But inside it’s spacious, wae its ain function hall,

Used fir mony things, but the best o’ them all,

Is The Alamo Club o’ Robert Burns.

Its members, they know how tae hiv themsel’s a ball,

Wi’ the singin’, the drinkin’ an’ guest turns.


But why hiv a Burns Club in this day an’ age?

It’s o’er 200 years since the death o’ the Sage,

When discos an’ drugs are now a’ the rage,

Ah, but the human spirit will renew!

Wi’ friendship an’ brotherhood throughout history’s page,

Fir these qualities the Club wis stairtit in ‘72.


Every Burns Club has it’s ain reason fir bein’,

Some members join……….tae be seen or be seein’,

Some hiv their sycophants, who spen’ their hale life




But The Alamo members are diff’rent kind,

‘What’s mine is yours’……..their generosity is freein’

They’re truly…….men o’ independent mind!


No’ fir them social status or the emptiness o’ rank,

They dinny care if ye’re a lawyer or the manager o’ a bank,

Position doesney impress them, they like tae be frank,

It’s the man inside that scores points on their tally,

Ye could be a lowly road sweeper or work doon a stank,

If yer warm hairtit, come in an’ hiv a swally!


There’s Clubs aboot noo, that if Burns were alive,

They widny let him in…..’away an’ drink in a dive!

A bloody penniless fairmer could hardly survive,

In such esteemed company’…….he brags,

But The Alamo could see through the hardships that contrive,

Tae hide a man’s goodness in rags.


So, whether yer black, white or blue, working, middle or

Upper class,

If yer hairt’s in the right place, yer welcome tae share a glass,

If Burns jined The Alamo he’d have a smile that would surpass,

The sun in the middle o’ summer,

But, unfortunately he canny, and whit’s a right pain in the ass,

Is, ye’ve got me fir a member…….what a bummer!


I’m lookin’ forward tae a Club where the drink flows like a river,

I’ve already got ma name doon fir a replacement liver,

An’ if ye ask me tae say ‘when’…….ye’ll be waitin’ forever,

So Ah think Ah should fit like a glove,

To the maist honest, good natured, hard drinkin’ bletherers ever,

…….O’ the Paisley Alamo Burns Club.




‘The Alamo’ written by past president Joe Harkins.

The Alamo Burns Club


Established 1972, & Federated 1976 (no.944)

No. 944 on the Roll of the Federated Societies


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