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Paisley is the largest town in Scotland and is located 7 miles west of Glasgow and 53 miles west of Edinburgh. The town grew from the west side of the White Cart river, where a Roman fort may have existed. Its growth in the early 19th century was through the textiles industry and the name ‘Paisley’ was given to the Kashmiri pattern of curving shapes found on silk and cotton fabric.

Burns is revered in Paisley which he visited and where his sweet heart, Jean Armour, lived for a short time. Paisley’s radical ‘wabsters’ who toiled at their looms by day and discussed politics in the pubs at night were the inspiration for Burns’s famous song, “The Gallant Weaver.”

Below you will see just some of the beautiful buildings and stunning architecture that can be visited throughout the year in the bonnie town of Paisley. Visit Paisley it has a rich and interesting history and indeed the surrounding area has been at the heart of Scottish History for hundred of years.


Paisley Town Hall looking along the White Cart river.

The War Memorial, town centre, Paisley.

Paisley Abbey looking across the White Cart River.

The Robert Burns Statue, Fountain Gardens, Paisley.

The Coats Observatory, Oakshaw, Paisley.

The Coats Memorial Church

The Town Hall from Dunn Square

The Mile End Coats Mill

Paisley Abbey

The Town Hall from Paisley Abbey grounds