The Robert Burns Heritage trail takes you through some of the most beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Robert Burns lived the best part of his life in Ayrshire and Dumfries & Galloway,  and his work was inspired by the land he loved, as well as by the women he wooed.

This route takes you on a journey through Burns life, taking in his birthplace in Alloway to his grave in Dumfries.


Robert Burns Heritage Trail

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The influence of Robert Burns on his homeland is still strong, and he left his mark all over the area, scratching impromptu works on the window panes of local inns with his diamond ring, immortalising the local female population in romantic verse, farming the land and writing his most important  works here.

As you journey through south west Scotland you’ll find visitor centres, museums and statues commemorating his work and the man himself. Many of his homes and the inns he frequented have been maintained in their original state, allowing you to transport yourself back through the centuries to view the poet’s desk, as though he’d just left the room, or visit the farm where he ploughed the land, giving you an unrivalled insight into his life.

Burns most famous works were written in south west Scotland and you can visit the birthplace of some of the most important and well known verse in the world. Follow the adventure of Tam o’ Shanter from Alloway Kirk to Brig o’ Doon where Tam’s trusty Meg lost her tail. Stop off for a meal at the Selkirk Arms, where Burns recited the famous Selkirk Grace. Or visit Ellisland Farm, where amongst others Burns wrote the universal anthem ‘ Auld Lang Syne’ and the inspired tale of Tam o’ Shanter.


I would like to thank the Dumfries & Galloway tourist information and council organisations for the permission to use information and images regarding the Robert Burns Heritage Trail to bring this fantastic attraction to you. This is a must visit for every Burns enthusiast and at every stop on the trail you will be made more than welcome.

The Alamo Burns club has visited these sites on numerous occasions and every time we learn something new, are wonderfully entertained and always feel that little bit closer to Robert Burns. Please use the link on this page to gain further details on how to take part in this wonderful Burns experience.