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Text Box: Dundee Visit
Text Box: York Conference
Text Box: Dumfries Conference
Text Box: Ayr Conference
Text Box: Visiting Burns Cottage
Text Box: Dumfries Conference 2000
Text Box: 2004 Conference
Text Box: Some O’ the Cronies
Text Box: Alamo Survivors
Text Box: Supper interval
Text Box: Poosie Nancies
Text Box: Alamo Corner

Club Photographs, memories from back in the day…..

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Text Box: Piping in the Haggis
Text Box: Piper Bert Brennan
Text Box: Great Chieften
Text Box: 1995 Group Photo
Text Box: John Beattie
Text Box: Addressing the Cronies
Text Box: Holy Willie
Text Box: Auld Lang Syne
Text Box: President Brogan
Text Box: Crieff Hydro

Toast Tae The Lassies

Text Box: Top Table 2006
Text Box: President Smith
Text Box: 1995 Top Table

Immortal Memory

Text Box: Fun lovin’ Cronies
Text Box: Willie in full flow
Text Box: Burns Supper Cronies
Text Box: Burns Supper Cronies
Text Box: Happy Ploughman
Text Box: George Grant
Text Box: Burns Corner
Text Box: President McKee (jnr)
Text Box: The Likely Lads

Alamo Cronies

Cheers Bill

But, Lord, remember me and mine

Holy Willie 2005

Top Table 1996

Interval at Moorpark

New President McColl

Neil Plays the Alamo

Neil Thomson

A Night with Jim Ferguson

The Alamo with Bonnie Jean

Alamo Cronies

One Pint is Not Quite Enough

Burns Howff Club Visit

Betty tells all

Dumfries Lassies

Dumfries Lassies

Alamo at Burns Cairn

Final Resting Place

Boys at Ellisland

Burns Mural

Cairn Caretaker

Usual Suspects

The Brogan’s Swagger

Alamo Host the Wreath Laying

John Addresses the Ceremony


Wreath Laying Group

Rev Douglas Hamilton

Iain says a few Words

RBWF President John Haining

Overseen by Burns

2008 Wreath Laying

Sermon by Rev. Hamilton

Iain Skene P/P Alamo B.C.

Burns Statue Paisley

Text Box: Newcastle 2008
Text Box: Burns Conference 2008
Text Box: Alamo Group Photo

2009 Burns SupperTop Table

Avirl Entertains

Bert’s Award

Alamo Pipers Past & Present

The Burns Supper Top Table

Text Box: Alamo Piper Graham Russell

The Two Jimmy’s & Andy

P/P’s John, Joe & Iain

Text Box: Chieftain O’ The Puddin Race

Jane Brown

Jean Armour at the Alamo

Text Box: Eilidh Grant Sings Burns

Primary School’s Donation

Text Box: Andy Toasts the Lassies

The Alamo Caterers 2009

The Alamo Sings

Alamo Cronies 2009

Bannocks, Cheese & Beer

Auld Lang Syne 2009

Text Box: The Alamo & Dumfries Lassies

Auld Lang Syne 2009

Edinburgh Conference 2009

Jimmy Fisher

Andy & George

Harry McColl

The Brogan Conference

Andy McKee

Harry & Jimmy

Burns Conference 2009

RIABC Presidents Past  &Present

The Wreath Laying 2009

The 2009 Wreath Laying

Joe Harkins

Honorary Member of the Alamo

The Alamo honours Bert

Burns Supper top table 2010

The Burns Supper 2010

The Burns Supper 2010

The Burns Supper 2010

Address to the Haggis

Jim Rutherford Sings

Graham Russell Pipes

The Burns Supper 2010

The Alamo Burns Corner

The immortal Memory

George and Big John

The Two Jimmys

Newcastle 2008

Newcastle Conference

Newcastle Conference 2008

Wreath Laying 2010

Wreath Laying 2010

Wreath Laying 2010

Wreath Laying 2010

Aberdeen Conference 2010

Aberdeen Conference 2010

Aberdeen Conference 2010

Aberdeen Conference 2010

Sing-a-Long in the Alamo

Past President Alan Burgess

Iain Skenes Presidents Day out

Aberdeen Conference 2010

Cheers!! Aberdeen 2010